• Bio

      I'm cofounder of Nexus Themes , a Dutch WordPress theme provider who also facilitates other webagencies with its core product: the Nexus Framework. Nexus Themes provides ordinary business owners with a front-end solution for maintaining their website, thus making it easier for them to reap much needed online benefits. I've build many of the themes in its portfolio and have been the principal UX and web designer of the framework in general.

      This is not my first venture in the professional design industry. After receiving my Master of Science degree in Informatics from the University of Amsterdam, I became a fashion illustrator. I've worked for big names like Cosmopolitan, Avantgarde and Glamour for chicken feed. I returned to the software business as a tester, then as a requirements engineer, a business analyst, a software designer and finally a paid web designer. I made my first website in 1999 but it would take over a decade for me to make my second one in 2010.

    • Things of interest

      Here are some other things about me which probably say more than an ordinary resume:

      •  Two songs in my iTunes library are currently tied for the title "most played". Both numbering 162 times with their names having a strange resemblance to each other. They are "Invincible" by 2 steps from hell and "Invisible" by M-seven. (They have long been trumped by Sophie Milman's "Where do you start?" being the first song in my library passing the 200 mark and currently sits at 230)
      • I own 1 ordinary bicycle, 1 road bike, 1 children's bike and 2 folding bikes. My favorite one is the Dahon Jetstream EX which I've further customized with a Lifeproof bike mount for iPhone, Topeak MTX BeamRack with Trunkbag and 2 BBB Highpower lights with a custom made alluminium 2-seat battery holder. It has been called a "bike for a designer". I agree.
      • I like building sandcastles with my daughter
      • I've bought a Marlboro Classics leather jacket with Tyler Durden's "Fight Club" quote in mind that "You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life". I bought the book after I saw the movie. The same notion applies to my Timberland Earthkeepers 6-inch leather boots.
      • I love the fact that East-German refrigerators we're build with the specifications to last a lifetime. I still listen to 40-year old Sony SQR 6650 receiver with wooden Telefunken speakers which once belonged to my dad. I have ridden a 25 year-old bronze Koga Myata road bike for years which also belonged to my dad and recently bought a new curling iron for my mother. Her 40-year old curling iron wasn't even broken but she thought it was time for a new one. All of these examples epitomize quality in my mind.
      • I have a penchant for Fjällräven clothing. My wife hates it, especially since the clothes just won't wear out. 
      • I only have 1 classical album in my iTunes library, being Vivaldi's 4 seasons. I want more but don't really know where to start.
      • I worked in the mortgage industry during the credit crunch. Luckily for me I lost my job because I started to hate it, forcing me to find something else. Right after I heard the news I bought a Magnum Almond at a nearby gasstation and called my wife to tell her everything was going to be alright. After 11 interviews in one month I had a new job, then I took a much needed vacation.
      • As a sales person in a sports convenience store I once told an overweight customer he could better take a walk around the block everyday than to buy a cheap powerplate: a device which supposedly lets you lose weight sending by sending vibrations through your body.
      • My most off-the-wall vacation was a 1-day shopping trip to downtown Tokyo. I live in the Netherlands.
      • To help me visualize heading a multi-million dollar corporation I've bought a hand made 2.000 euro Dean Swivel chair.
      • I'm an addict for content popularly categorized as "self-help". I own 17.7 days worth of self-help audio and video material in my iTunes library. My first self-help book was Dr. Phil's "Life strategies". It holds the quote I most often use business wise: "you teach people how to treat you". 
      • 2 movies gave me nightmares when I was a kid: Jaws and Aliens. Aliens is also the movie I've watched the most times in my life, peaking at 7. My most watched animated movie is Pocahontas. The first movie I watched in theaters was "Jurassic Park". It's also the first movie I bought.
      • I've have a number of biographies from both side of the spectrum. They are: "Mandela: The authorized portrait" by Mac Maharaj, "Ceasar" by Adrian Goldsworthy, "Hitler: A biography" by Ian Kershaw, "Mao: The unknow story" by Jung Chang, "Lincoln" by David Herbert Donald, "The autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr., by Clayborn Carson, "Ghandi and Churchill", by Arthur Herman, "Alexander of Macedon" by Peter Green, "A Vietnam Experience" by James B. Stockdale, "It's not about the bike" by Lance Armstrong and "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.
      • I own 81 Hed Kandi albums because of their uplifting artwork. My favorite category being their "Twisted Disco" albums.
      • I mostly don't understand modern art.
      • My favorite Jazz part is Dexter Gordon's "I'm a fool to want you" from 3.22 to 4:32.
      • The background picture of this website is a Kwakiutl Sun symbol. 
    • WordPress Themes

      Through time I've designed a whole slew of WordPress Themes. Below you find my favorite ones.